I am Dawn "DaJavi" Vason!
I am an artist and entrepreneur.
​I am a wife, I am a MOM.

I have survived many hardships in my life, which include abusive relationships prior to meeting my husband and over the past few years I have fought to overcome, depression, anxiety, failure and even poverty.
Five years ago i almost lost my husband to a brain aneurysm
it was at this point I realized i HAD to make changes to my life because I wanted to have a better life, full of joy, passion, excitement, fun and FREEDOM!!
NOW, I have the freedom to work from home as a leader in network marketing and I have earned appx $30,000 in bonuses to date and I continue to learn more about myself in my journey to overcome fear each and every day. If you are ready for a change in your life, send me a message or book an appointment with me! Lets Chat because you are worth MORE!

Diamond Leader Javi Vason
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