I am Dawn "DaJavi" Vason!
I am an artist and entrepreneur.
​I am a wife, I am a MOM.

Im so excited that you stopped to visit my site today!! Please subscribe for updates to my blog and new things going on here at DaJavi.com! This website is to empower, encourage and inspire women, specifically boss women and mommas who juggle it al!! I know how tough it can be and I hope that you are inspired while you are here!!

I have survived many hardships in my life, which include abusive relationships prior to meeting my husband and over the past few years I have fought to overcome, depression, anxiety, failure and even poverty.
Five years ago i almost lost my husband to a brain aneurysm
it was at this point I realized i HAD to make changes to my life because I wanted to have a better life, full of joy, passion, excitement, fun and FREEDOM!!
NOW, I have the freedom to work from home as a leader in network marketing and I have earned appx $30,000 in bonuses to date and I continue to learn more about myself in my journey to overcome fear each and every day. If you are ready for a change in your life, send me note TODAY to chat with me! Lets Chat because you are worth MORE!

Diamond Leader Javi Vason